We are a 12-month private

Early Childhood
& Elementary Program

Dedicated to children 4-8 years of age who have social communication and other developmental delays.

Our Philosophy

Tribeca Preparatory is a developmentally oriented program committed to the “Whole Child Approach.” Our supportive school structure prioritizes a low student-to-teacher ratio to provide the necessary framework to carry out each child’s customized educational plan.

Individualized Educational Approach

Our small class size (6-8 children) allows us the flexibility to customize our program for each child to effectively address their learning needs. We start with class in a group setting to acclimate our students to the more traditional learning approach. Children are then separated into smaller groups by learning styles and skill levels. This flexibility allows us to scale towards a 2:1 or 1:1 student-to-teacher ratio as necessary. This approach lets each child learn at their own pace in their own space.


Tribeca Preparatory School offers a full academic curriculum in social-language rich classrooms with behavioral supports. We adhere to the New York State Common Core standards for literacy, math, science, and social studies. We offer art, music/movement, physical education, as well as related services in speech, occupational therapy and counseling. Each educational component synergistically works together to maximize each child’s learning potential.


We embrace teamwork and take a collaborative approach towards each of our children to help them achieve educational success. Collaborating with teachers, related service providers, parents, caregivers, and community members is essential to our program and ultimately provides everyone with a better understanding of how each child learns inside and outside the classroom.


Our Mission

The Tribeca Preparatory School is devoted to helping children maximize their learning potential in a supportive and nurturing environment.  We embrace our children’s strengths and prepare them for educational success.

About Us

We tailor our programs to each child to focus on their individual academic, social/emotional and behavioral needs.  Our related services are integrated throughout our program to ensure all children succeed in a group setting.  Our ultimate goal is to prepare our students for a less restrictive environment by developing the readiness skills to succeed.

Our Location

Tribeca Preparatory
291 Broadway Mezzanine Floor
New York, NY 10007

From Our Parents

The tremendous socio-emotional growth and maturity our son has accomplished under Shirley’s care is simply amazing! Shirley is constantly monitoring my child’s development, developing creative ways to push his ski.ls forward to the next level, anticipating new goals and milestones, and always communicating with us and our son’s team to provide improtant feedback and ensure consistency. 



(My son’s) ability to understand the social consequences of his actions skyrocketed, and soon he was having sustained play dates in a way he had not been able to previously. 


Joseph received the foundation of skills that have successfully prepped him for camp this summer and pre-k this fall…. He was learning while having fun…what a great combination! Thank you again for having such a wonderful influence on our son.

Karin & Joe T.


The instructors are well-trained and gifted at working with kids who need extra language and socialization support. The kids are well-matched to maximize their strengths and have fun in a structured setting, and parents find time to bond over brunch in the neighborhood. A great weekend activity.



21 Years of Experience

Shirley started her career in Tribeca 21 years ago treating children with developmental delays.  Tribeca has always been her professional home and she is thrilled to be home again to introduce Tribeca Preparatory School.  

Make an appointment!

The Tribeca Preparatory School has a rolling admission procedure. All prospective families for the 2019-20 school year must fill out the intake form and make an appointment for an admission information session.