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Ready, Set, Play! is a behavior-based program specializing in social skills development for children. We provide children the support they need to instill confidence and minimize apprehension while participating in a small group setting. Our specialized instruction and small-class ratios teach children the skills they need to participate in open-ended group play and structured activities. All of the lessons are thematic-based and modeled after their mainstream equivalents.

Ready, Set, Play! utilizes a program called I LEARN THROUGH PLAY CURRICULUM™ developed by Shirley Aninias.

The I LEARN THROUGH PLAY™ curriculum is designed to teach play skills in a group setting by providing:

  • Visuals tools that support the foundation of play and social skills
  • Repetition, reinforcement and consistency to acquire the skills
  • Frequent opportunities to practice specific skills
  • Multiple opportunities to generalize skills

In our experience traditional behavioral programs do not concentrate on teaching and developing group play skills. As a result, when children are presented with an opportunity to engage in group activities they exhibit difficulties participating appropriately. This is often due to a lack of exposure to structured group play. Our experience shows that with an educational plan tailored to the child’s needs they can learn the skills necessary to participate in group play without reservation. Group play is a highly effective way for children to learn and master social skills.

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