Remote Learning

How is remote learning conducted? What remote platform is the school using?

Remote Learning is being provided both synchronously and asynchronously through Google Suite.​ Each day all lessons are posted on Google Suite to help parents to see the daily schedule. ​

What Technology and Devices is the School Using?

All of our curriculum Tribeca Preparatory is using has access to online and adheres to the New York State common core requirements for ELA and Math. For special activities pre-recorded lessons and follow up activities are posted on Google Meet. Chrome books are provided to our families if they do not have access to a computer or laptop.  

How is Attendance Documented During Distance Remote Learning?

Attendance is based on student participation and the assignments that are turned in each day. Some students cannot sustain 6 hours of instruction through this model. Efforts each day are marked as “attended” 

What Does Distance Remote Learning Look Like at Tribeca Preparatory?

Our small class size (6-8 children) allows us the flexibility to customize our program for each child to effectively address their learning needs. We start with class in a group setting to acclimate our students to the more traditional learning approach. Children are then separated into smaller groups by learning styles and skill levels. This flexibility allows us to scale towards a 2:1 or 1:1 student-to-teacher ratio as necessary. This approach lets each child learn at their own pace in their own space.