Social Skills

Sensory Friendly Classrooms

At Tribeca Preparatory, our sensory friendly classrooms nurture an academic and behavioral environment highlighting an integrated model that focuses on social skills development. This enables our teachers and therapists to collaborate daily to facilitate effective and individualized instruction for each of our students. This approach empowers our students to be successful in their academic, social and behavioral performance within group settings.

At Tribeca Preparatory, we take pride in being the only school that utilizes the Ready, Set, Play! social skills program in the foundation of our curriculum. We ensure that students have endless opportunities to develop and practice their social and emotional skills throughout the day. Our social skills program is based on the Ready, Set, Play! philosophy that has been developed throughout 20 plus years of experience in the field.

Ready, Set, Play! Resident Social Skills Program

Ready, Set, Play! utilizes a program called I LEARN THROUGH PLAY™ developed by Shirley Aninias. It is designed to teach social skills in a group setting by providing:

  • Visuals tools that support the foundation of play and social skills
  • Behavioral expectations, “RULE BOARDS”
  • Repetition, reinforcement and consistency to acquire the skills
  • Frequent opportunities to practice specific skills
  • Multiple opportunities to generalize skills in a group

We provide our students with the support they need to instill confidence and minimize apprehension while participating in a small group setting. Our specialized behavioral and individualized instruction teaches children the social skills they need to participate in open-ended group play and structured activities.