Opportunities exist when a stuent has the right supports and accommodations to learn.

Our team is comprised of dedicated educators with varied levels of degrees who are focused on creating a program that effectively addresses each student’s individual learning need. From special education to subject matter experts to BCBA’s, RBT, SLP, OT, or counseling, our staff is focused on providing the right mix of supports to both teach our students to be independent subject matter experts. All of our students arrive at Tribeca Prep at a different stage, and its our job to determine the most appropriate education plan for them. In addition to providing our students with correct training and support, we provide professional training and certification opportunities for staff members so that they can continue to grow in their careers while providing quality education for the children we serve.

Meet Some of our Team

Dr. Kimberly Mosca Ph.D, LBA, BCBA-D

Head of School

Dr. Sarah Orlans Ph.D, LBA, BCBA-D

Clinical and Educational Director

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