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Tribeca Preparatory is dedicated to helping children achieve academic and social skills development in a supportive and nurturing environment. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled educational experience that emphasizes personalized attention, encourages curiosity, fosters a deep sense of belonging and achievement for every student, and offers a challenging academic environment enriched by adaptive learning technologies.

Tribeca Prep was founded in 2019 by parents seeking an educational placement for their child, who was turning five. They found that existing programs with a behavioral component were discrete trial programs and did not incorporate the naturalistic learning environment they desired for their child. Having grown up in families of educators—including a principal of a top special education school, a speech therapist, a curriculum developer for English language arts, a builder of personalized learning platforms in EdTech, a preschool operator, and a trainer of performing arts teachers—they decided to create a school for their child. They partnered with their son’s one-on-one teacher, who also ran a social skills program, to develop a curriculum that would integrate strong behavioral principles into the individualized educational program Tribeca Prep provides.

In October 2022, Tribeca Prep significantly expanded its program by relocating to a new campus. The 12,000-square-foot facility allows students access to diverse spaces beyond the traditional classroom. We recognize that all our children possess unique strengths and talents, which are often not cultivated in conventional school settings. This expansion enables students to explore new field experiences and discover shared interests, promoting social learning and development. Additionally, the move has allowed us to establish community partnerships with larger organizations, such as Asphalt Green. We are proud to have integrated both their swimming and Recess programs for our students.

While this new space provides more opportunities for our children to play, work, learn, and grow together around shared interests, our school’s commitment remains to ensure that all resources converge to create an individualized program. This approach enables each child to harness their strengths and achieve their academic, behavioral, and social skills goals.

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Rooted in research and proven evidenced-based strategies, our methods have been carefully designed to build strong academic foundations for each student and to develop the necessary social skills to work and learn in groups and to communicate ideas and opinions. 

At Tribeca Prep, we celebrate our children’s successes. Each child’s program is individualized to find and develop the unique combination of skills and challenges s/he has and deserves. Our goal is to support the journey to success in all dimensions and to achieve demonstrable and meaningful progress each year. We believe that special education students should be given the same learning opportunities as neurotypical children; all children should have the chance to complete a meaningful education.

Under the leadership of experienced BCBA-D® professionals, our exceptional team incorporates positive behavioral methodologies in a developmentally appropriate learning environment. We select our educational curricula carefully and incorporate adaptive learning tools based on research and efficacy. This approach enables students to thrive both academically and personally. By adapting our curricula to meet each student’s needs and using evidence-based teaching practices, we provide a framework that supports individual growth and encourages the pursuit of personal passions.

A comprehensive education involves more than traditional skill-based academics; it also includes nurturing each student’s emotional, social, and creative development. By offering a diverse range of experiences, such as sports, art, music, and STEM activities, we ensure that our students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for future success. By exposing students to a wide array of experiences in and out of the classroom, our students are able to expand their own interests which enables them to have meaningful shared experiences with their peers at school, but also extends their ability and willingness to participate in extracurricular activities with their families and other children in their community.

Dedicated Educators are the Foundation of a Special Program


Our team is comprised of dedicated educators with varied levels of degrees who are focused on creating a program that effectively addresses each student’s individual learning need. Our staff is focused on providing the right mix of supports to ensure that our students are able to access their education and learn skills to support them beyond our school walls. All of our students arrive at Tribeca Prep at different stages, and its our job to determine the most appropriate education plan for them. In addition to providing our students with correct training and support, we provide professional training and certification opportunities for staff members so that they can continue to grow in their careers while providing quality education for the children we serve.

Kimberly Mosca, Ph.D, BCBA-D, NYS LBA, SDL

Head Of School

Sarah Orlans, Ph.D, BCBA-D, NYS LBA

Clinical and Educational Director

Community Partnerships




We believe that dedicated educators are the foundation of what makes a program special.

We provide professional training and certification opportunities for staff members so that they can continue to grow in their careers while providing quality education for the children we serve.

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